Smell Proof Herb Storage Vials

SKU PV_60Dram


Pop Top Vials – Smell Proof

60 Dram transparent coloured containers, available in Blue, Purple, Green.

Wacky’s rugged colourful containers are perfect for storing your herb, tools, products and goodies. It will hold approximately 14 Grams of herb alone.  The snap top lid provides an airtight seal keeping oxygen and moisture out and odours in.


Not only are the containers smell proof, they are chemical resistant, food safe and dishwasher safe ( top rack only ). The pop top vials get their name from the Squeeze Top open method to open the container. Place your hand just below the top and squeeze until the top POPS open!  The lid is attached to the container so you don’t have to worry about misplacing the lid while open.

Height: 13.53 mm / 5.33 In
Diameter: 5.13 mm / 2.02 In
Volume: 60 Dram / 3.75 oz / 222 mL
Capacity: 14 Grams Herbs
Material: Polypropylene
Colour Options: Transparent BLUE/PURPLE/GREEN