Stainless Steel Dry Sift Keif Box Screen Set

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Stainless Steel 160 micron Dry Sift Screen – 24″ X 12″ 
4 Piece Set 
Wacky Willys food grade 100% stainless steel mesh 160 micron trim tray is great for all your bouncing needs. This large 24″X12″  dry sift screen trim tray is very durable and has a sturdy aluminum frame.  The food grade stainless steel screen is professionally stretched and tightened to insure a firm and smooth working area. Unlike typical wooden frames this will keep its proper mesh count in place stays clean regardless of how hard you work it.


The whole unit is also very easy to clean should you need to. A stiff bristle brush and a good scrub will bring it back to beauty. The stainless steel screen is very tightly attached and the frame is solid you don’t have to worry about warping or disfigurement. The Trim tray is also alcohol and or iso friendly if you feel like the brush isn’t good enough. The stainless steel screen is perfect for bouncing your product in seconds.

This set includes: 1 Trim Tray, 4 Silicone Jars and a Wacky Collection Card.

Specifications:  4PC set includes
1PC Stainless Steel 160 Micron Mesh Screen:  24″ X 12″

4PC Silicon jars

1PC Sifting card