Stainless Steel Tincture Press Green Dragon

Stainless Steel Tincture Press Green Dragon

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Tincture Press – 100% 304L Stainless Steel

30mm Press with Tincture Accessories

Wacky Willy designed this awesome Tincture Press from 100% 304L medical/food grade stainless steel with custom 30mm accessories. The set includes the 30mm press, a slotted end cap, a 30mm stainless steel filter screen (160 microns) and a 5” x 5” monofilament 25 micron filter screen.

Wacky’s Tincture Press is extremely robust.  It has no aluminum parts, is dishwasher safe and heat resistant. The top and bottom caps have diamond cut detail to provide a superior grip.  Each component has been machined to fit together with 1.10th mm clearance.  Better threading means increased strength and durability. The cylinder wall has been reinforced (3.3mm thick) to withstand extreme pressure during your pressing process.

Herbal Tinctures are commonly made from soaking decarboxylated plant botanicals in a high proof alcohol (such as Everclear) to extract and preserve the properties from the plant.  Extracting all the liquid from your soaked product is easy with Wacky Willy’s handheld tincture press.

Wacky Willy’s Tips:  Soak your decarboxylated herbal product in alcohol for 2-6 weeks in the freezer and shake it gently once a day. Transfer into the Tincture Press to extract the liquid. Tinctures can be stored in a sealed container, in the freezer for years.

Height: 6.2” / 157mm
Diameter Base: 1.5” / 3.8cm
Diameter Inside: 1.18” / 30mm

Capacity: 5oz / 150ml

Tincture Kit Includes:
100% Food Grade Stainless Steel Press
Slotted Tincture End Cap
Stainless Steel Tincture Filter Screen 160 Microns
5×5 Essential Oil Screen 25 Microns



Tincture Press
Tincture Press
Tincture Press
Tincture Press



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