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Tiny Zip lock Plastic Bags

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Tiny Zip Lock Bags

 Sold in packs of 100PC

These tiny wee little Wacky Baggies are great for storing medications and your botanicals. These pouches feature a re-sealable zip lock closure perfect for storing or transporting your herb.  Storing your medications in a pouch will protect it from oxygen, moisture as well as light which can all cause medicinal herbs or supplements to loose quality and potency.



Wacky’s ity bity little baggies are a reusable storage bag that can be re-used multiple times. Made From Eco-Friendly, food grade Materials. Keep the smell IN and UV light, oxygen and moisture OUT!  

100PC per order
Tiny Ziplock bags: 1.8 cm x = 0.708661 inches x 2.5cm = 0.984252 inches



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