VibroSpa Wet & Dry – Circular Vibratory Screener Sieve Sifting



VibroSpa Wet & Dry – Circular Vibrational Screen Sieve Sifting

Willy’s VibroSpa is a vibrating multi or single screen system used for wet slurry and/or dry trichome sifting and filtration.  Screen diameter size dimensions are available from 18″ up to 60″.  This fully stainless steel wet or dry system’s multi configuration potential allows extractors and product creators to process Cannabis, Hemp and botanicals in numerous ways, with just one machine.

Producers can easily configure the system with 1 screen or multiple screens for:

  • Bubble hash collection screens,
  • Dry sifting buds and trim,
  • Sifting freeze dried hash,
  • Classify dry milled flower/trim for pre-rolls,
  • Bud sorting.

With the VibroSpa, iceless bubble hash or ice water hash can be washed and processed without the use of WackyBags bubble bags. After your biomass has been washed in a 220 micron bag or in a free flow washing system; such as the Arctic Boomer, RocketSpa or other sub-zero vessel, simply feed off your trichome rich water slurry into the VibroSpa collection screen tray system.

Available Diameter Sizes:  18″, 24″, 30″, 48″, 60″

Screen Decks: Single Deck or Multiple Decks

Prices Range From: $5,995.00 to $16,000 USD

Call or Email for a consultation and we will quote the best price for your lab specifications & requirements.  778-426-3335 or


VibroSpa Wet & Dry – Circular Vibratory Screener Sieve Sifting

Single or Multi-micron screens vibrate to quickly sieve and isolate various micron size trichomes from Cannabis and Hemp biomass. Vibrational waves remove excess bubble hash wash water producing a drier hash yield.  Drier bubble hash slurry yields, can reduce freeze drying or air-dry curing times.  Customizable screen options allow you to choose micron sizes based on strain and your standard operating procedure.

Wacky Willy’s VibroSpa is proudly made in the USA by engineers who understand the Cannabis and Hemp industries performance requirements for extraction lab processing including; GMP, Health Canada and FDA regulations.

VibroSpa’s durable design is quick and easy to sanitize. The system is built for safety and is fully lab complaint, made with all stainless steel contact surfaces and FDA approved food grade gaskets and epoxy.