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Portable Gas & VOC Monitor for Cannabis Cultivation

The GX-6000 VOC Monitor quickly and easily measures the amount of  Volatile Organic Compounds emitted from Cannabis turpenes.  VOCs can come from a natural or synthetic sources (botanicals or chemicals).  It’s hard to believe that inhaling the strong fragrant smells of cannabis overtime could actually be harmful to our health!   It all  depends on the amount of exposure and the ventilation in the space of the cannabis operation, dispensary or grow facility; basically any commercial area of cannabis industry cultivation or processing.



Here is how the science works…   The VOC monitor is a photoionization detector (PID) and uses an ultraviolet (UV) light source (photo = light) to break down chemicals to positive and negative ions (ionization) that can easily be counted, which is the only way to measure VOC’s.

The GX-6000 Measures more than VOC’s! 

Cannabis VOC’s:  Measure cannabis VOC’s in various areas of the
operation to control odours and to protect worker health.

O2:  Assures adequate Oxygen for workers in confined and
enclosed areas.

CO:  An inefficient burning furnace or CO2 generator can
produce deadly amounts of CO.

CO2: Assures efficient use of CO2 in enriched environments and
protects workers in confined and enclosed environments.

LEL Hydrocarbons: Measure combustible sources and possible leaks in systems.

Now that you can measure the VOC’s and document the levels, what can do you do to reduce them to a healthy, safe and tolerable level?  You can simply scrub and filter the air!  Check out the Wacky Carbonica 1000 air filtration unit,  it quickly filters and scrubs 3000 cubic feet of air and recycles it straight back into your space.  It’s just that easy!

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