Carbonica Cannabis VOC Air Filter - Say goodbye, to smokey cloud filled rooms and strong odors

Wacky Carbonica VOC Air Filter

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Wacky Carbonica Cannabis VOC Air Filter

Say goodbye, to smokey cloud filled rooms and strong odors generated from terpenes, smoke or vapor!

Wacky Willy welcomes Carbonica to our Wacky Family! The Wacky Carbonica is a portable air scrubber that cleans and filters ‘volatile organic compounds’ VOC’s from growing, trimming and extraction facilities. This powerful portable machine can quickly filter 3000 cubic feet of air and block particles as small as 0.03 microns. Oh wait a just a Wacky minute here…what is the particle size of the Corona Virus?



Here is what our innovative Willy has just discovered… With the use of electron microscopes, scientists have now measured the size of this crazy contagious COVID-19 virus. What we know today, is that the largest COVID-19 particle found is 0.14 microns and the smallest particle measured 0.06 microns. The particles are spherical (round) with a diameter of 0.125 microns.

Let’s carefully think about this…if the Wacky Carbonica is able to filter down to 0.03 microns, then this system is capable of filtering out more than just cannabis VOC’s. The CDC is advising us to ensure our homes and working facilities are minimizing exposure to respiratory pathogens by increasing ventilation. What better way to increase ventilation than scrubbing 3000 cubic feet of air to capture these tiny dangerous particles!

Please note Wacky Willy’s disclaimer:

We hope the connection between how this air filtration system works and the COVID-19 viral facts will be helpful to anyone seeking ways to further implement precautions. There are no claims that this filtration system will 100% keep you safe from COVID-19. Anything that can possibly help during this difficult time, needs to get shared and deployed!

The price offered today will be the same price as always…no gouging or uplifts. That’s just not Wacky’s style.

More on Cannabis VOC’s …

Let’s get back to the original intent for launching the Wacky Carbonica, smelly cannabis! This system not only cleans the air of viruses, bacteria, pollen, spores but it is known for being one of they only ways to completely remove strong cannabis odors generated by smoking and vapeing or growing and processing terpenes.

VOC’s are ‘volatile organic compounds’ found in the air that can cause mild to severe health issues. Commonly, VOC’s are noticeable as ‘strong smells’ that you may want to shy away from; paint fumes, fertilizers… Even those who adore the robust aroma of a beautiful cannabis plant, should use caution during times of growth or processing. The strong smelling cannabis terpenes can over time be unhealthy for cannabis workers. Likewise, industry operations may suffer from neighboring businesses or the community who object to the strong smell that a cannabis grow or processing plant can emit.

With a 3 filter system, Carbonica’s proprietary filtration process removes Cannabis VOC’s at the source, eliminating odors and cleaning the air before they escape your facility. The HEPA filter captures and eliminates most contaminants such as powdery mildew, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Rhizopus, Mucor, and Botrytis spores before they destroy your crop or taint the aroma and taste of your crop. The carbon filter is responsible for scrubbing the air of odor and trapping it.

Wacky’s Carbonica system provides cannabis cultivators with economical and effective Green Air Solutions. Carbonica can be moved to any location so you can focus efforts at solving the mold and odor problems where you need them the most. “Hot Spot” control is especially important when controlling VOC’s to prevent them from reaching the rest of the grow area and making their way outside and into the community.

If you have operational questions, give Wacky Willy a call for more information: 778-426-3335.


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