Wacky Jack Hash Press

Wacky Jack Hash Press



Discover the new Wacky Jack Press –  | Create Perfect wafers or bricks with ease

This press eliminates the need for hammers and bench vise , offering a convenient and efficient solution for crafting your own neat  hash disks, and you can also add 3d stamps to the press if needed

You can use your own mold and press it out with the Wacky Jack Press especially  for filling rosin bags


Crafted with precision and durability, this press is designed to deliver consistent and flawless results every time and most importantly speeding things up especially if you have 50pc. The sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance made out of aluminum,powder coated metal frame and stainless steel press.

Simply weigh out your  desired ingredients into the press, push the button a few times to build up pressure, and release perfectly shaped hash disks.

What is included

  • Fully assembled Wacky Jack ready to use
    1Pc 23 millimeter or 19 millimeter hammer press
    1 Pc Plastic disk ejector
    Air hose connector

Please note you will need a air compressor to operate this unit

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