Wax Concentrate Tool Poke-n-Tamp

Wax Concentrate Tool Poke-n-Tamp

SKU Poke-Tamp.


Poke-n-Tamp Tool BAKERS Wax Carving Tool

Wacky Willy’s Bakers “Lil Poke-n-Tamp” Wax Carving Tool is the perfect addition to your dabbing tool kit. The double-sided tool features a poking tool and a tamping tool forged from the highest quality medical grade 304L stainless steel, then carefully beveled and hand polished to ensure the smoothest surface. Medical grade stainless steel provides you with a tool that is totally heat resistant, corrosion resistant, durable, non-stick and dishwasher safe.  The tamp and poke tool is polished, beveled and easy to use.


Use the tamping tool for like a cookie cutter to punch out dab and the poking tool is great for getting into and scraping  out your product from hard to reach spots in your grinder or containers etc helping you to reclaim every bit of your precious product when filling vials and transferring your product into small containers.

Wacky Willy says this is a must have for your tool kit!


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