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Just spin this fidget hand spinner once and you can't stop spinning it !! Lot's of fun for all ages - These are not 3D printed cheap ones they are ABS plastic ! These fidgets spin for about 1.45 - 2 mins long with a great Zro2 Ceramic Bearing ! We have Red - White Or Black in stock ready to ship today !! Click on the Image for video and more info
Fidget: Red
Reg Price: $4.00
Sale Price: $0.89
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Camera Selfie Stick

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Short Decription ON SALE NOW !!!

Take better Selfies with a Light weight, Compact telescopic pole. Extendable up to 97 cm you can include all of your friends. Only 20 cm when closed the pole is small enough to take everywhere. Perfect for Sports events, Concerts, Festivals and nights out with Friends.
Use with any Camera or use the removable adapter for smart phones

bubble hash
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One Hitter 2PC Set

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2Pc Set Old school one hitter - Yes we've got them. Are you tired of having to bring around your bulky pipe or having to find a hidden corner to roll one. No more. This classic one hitter is extremely easy to load and very discrete . Just dab the bowl end into a small stash box a couple times and your off to the show. We have them in two sizes just under 3" and just over 2". Looking exactly like your typical tailor made brand of cigarettes you can take these anywhere anytime and feel easy. Perfect for that break at work or have a quick one as u step outside the bar to have a but.
Reg Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $3.95
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Chrome Stash Container

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Short Decription ON SALE
Looks like a popular lighter brand , Sparks like a Lighter but has a hidden compartment!
Need to carry medication with you but don't want the same pill case your Grandma uses? This Lighter Pill container will allow you to carry your medication discreetly. Plastic pill containers often break or crack, The Lighter Pill Container is made of Brass and then triple Chrome plated . With a 34 mm x 11 mm opening the compartment can hold a number of pills, a gram of herb or other valuables like a diamond ring.

bubble hash
Reg Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $3.95
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Fake Gold Fingernail

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Be the envy of everyone with your new 18K Fake Gold Vermeil Fingernail ! These custom-made, fingernails on-lays add the finishing touch to any manicure or set of extensions You won�t even know you have it on� except for the attention you will receive This Elegant and Glamorous nail will have everyone�s attention Set the trend with your friends by being the FIRST to adorn this fine piece of Nail Jewelry For Special Occasions or to wear daily Get yours today !! Simply apply a few drops of adhesive to the inside of the nail , and lay it onto your own nail. Hold firmly in place for approximately 30 seconds, and thats it. ITS THAT SIMPLE This nail will look beautiful forever, it will never tarnish or dull
Reg Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $9.95
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