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Dry Sift Screen Keif Vibrator

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Short Decription Use directly on Dry Sift Screens to gently separate pollen or seeds from dried plant matter.
Simply plug into any USB or Outlet and adjust the Intensity of the vibration with the built in control and watch as the vibration works to extract the Keif from the Herb. The gentle vibrations will extract the glands with less plant contamination than processing by hand.
Using the Extra Large Aluminum Dry Sift Screens? No problem, using two or three at a time will allow you to process larger batches in less time. Click on image for more details

bubble hash
Reg Price: $28.99
Sale Price: $14.95
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Short Decription  DRY SIFT VIBRATOR
Introductory Sale Offer $20.00
Hey its here and bouncing like never before. Our new Wacky Bouncer, You got to check this baby out. Unlike our old Vibrator unit our new Wacky Bouncer has 2 agitation heads designed to give you double the bouncing power.
Speaking of power this unit is probably twice as powerful as our former model.
Including a 110 power adapter the wacky bouncer has a usb power cable that will attach to any usb device allowing you easy usage anywhere you are.
The complete unit length from usb tip to the end off the vibrating head is about 4 and 1/2 feet allowing a much further reach from your power source.One of the coolest improvements on this unit is the multiple different modes it has Over 11 to choose from. Starting from your power ON OFF and goes to Low then medium then high. After that there are several modes all with there own unique vibration and surge styles from several quick pulses to a rapid heavy pulse and everything in between. You'll have a blast playing with all the different setting and discovering what works best for you and your bounce.

bubble hash
Reg Price: $38.95
Sale Price: $19.99
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