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Boomers Grinder

Sexy, solid and built for Bud Kings and Queens!  Willy’s original Boomers design is 100% solid medical grade 304L stainless steel and is the safest and only way to grind.  It will consistently shred your herb without worry of splinters, shards or breakage.  This beast is truly indestructible, so just relax and enjoy the experience knowing that Willy’s Grinder will be the last you’ll ever need to buy!

Extraction Innovations

Our passion and expertise is in innovating extraction and filtration equipment for medicinal herbals, hemp and cannabis. Wacky Willy designs leading edge medical grade stainless steel and all mesh extraction and filtration gear. Each product is designed, selected and tested to ensure it will produce maximum yield and optimize end product purity and potency.

Wacky Willy’s world renowned equipment and processing techniques will help you turn your botanical hemp and cannabis into medical CBD Cannabidiol oils, hash and rosin. When you use Wacky’s gear you can easily process fresh plant botanical into quality concentrates. These concentrates can then be further processed into medicinal tinctures, infused butters, topicals or edibles.

About the Wackyness

It’s all about continuous design and process improvement! We work to elevate the speed and efficiency of extraction processes without compromising product quality. Our medical grade equipment and systems make it possible to extract, filter and activate terpenes and cannabinoids without damaging the plants cellular structure, loosing potency or compromising yield.

Fun Wacky Facts.

in 2009 Wacky Willy was the 1st to design the original ‘All Mesh’ Bubble Filter Bag System and the 304L Stainless Steel Hammer Press. He is an industry legend recognized for his continuous product and process innovations.

What’s on Willy’s Invention Table?

Wacky Willy latest innovations can be found in our new commercial product line. Boomers Extraction Equipment is revolutionizing solvent-less extraction.  Check out the one an only Iceless Bubble Hash System on the market capable of processing 10 pounds of botanical per run, and his new Vibrating Dry Sift table for perfectly processed 6 star hash in minutes.  The newest addition to the Wacky Boomer line is a Rocket Tank commercial upgrade in technology and size.  The new RocketSpa is a Rocket Tank on steroids!  Times are changing and so is Willy!

Where is Willy now?

Beautiful British Columbia, Canada is where Wacky Willy designs his medical and food grade extraction gear.

Wacky Willys proudly ships equipment around the globe to individuals, licenced producers and re-sellers.

Want to Join the Wacky Family?

We are actively pursuing new and emerging markets internationally via wholesale distributors and e-commerce.  You too can join the Wacky Family and enjoy the benefits of  consulting with one of the industry’s legends!

Happy 420! Meet our New 'Pay as You Grow' Friends @ Indorgro Canada. Helping Seed our Community 1 Plant at a Time!

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