Wacky Willys Mission:
To support the Craft Cannabis & Hemp Industry in their quest to advance the art and science of medicinal solventless extraction.

Wacky Willys is world-renowned for their innovative and affordable Craft Cannabis & Hemp Industry solventless extraction and filtration equipment.

Wacky Willy himself is industry recognized for his 30 years of continuous product innovation elevating the quality and speed of the many different cannabis extraction processes.

With Wacky Willy’s highly efficient lab and medical grade equipment used in the recovery and collection of essential oils, concentrates, CBD, hash and rosin; his systems make it possible to extract, filter, separate and activate compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids.

Wacky Willy proudly serves clients around the globe and supplies individuals, licensed producers and re-sellers with his original all mesh bubble bag filtration systems, 304L stainless steel equipment, grinders and presses.

The Wacky Team has an awesome reputation for providing customers with an exceptional product experience, and they are proud of their long-term customer relationships.

Wacky Willy is actively pursuing new wholesale and re-seller partnerships and is always eager to become involved in emerging market trends, requirements and technology.

Willy’s Passion:

Innovating ‘solventless’ extraction equipment that is affordable, efficient and easy to use for producing medical quality hemp and cannabis products.

Wacky Willy
Wacky Willy is dedicated to your success, pursuit of wellness and enjoyment!


Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-6:30 PST
Phone: 778-426-3335
Direct Email: sales@wackywillysweb.com

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