55 Gallon All Mesh Bubble Bags

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WackyBags All Mesh 55 Gallon Bubble Bags 

WackyBags All Mesh 55 gallon bubble bags are used for washing and filtering bubble hash in commercial extraction labs.   Willy’s own Canadian design is specifically made of FDA approved nylon for filtering bubble hash and herbal extracts. The full product line of WackyBags comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and will pass commercial Food Safety Regulation Testing.

WackyBags are made of 100% FDA approved Nylon material and comply with Licensed Producer Vendor Qualification requirements. Wacky Willys would be honored to provide your company with a completed Vendor Qualification Form and a Testing Verification Letter of Guarantee. 


The original WackyBags brand of ‘All Mesh’ bubble bags were Canadian designed by Willy himself in 2009 and are long-standing favorites of Licensed Producers and bubble hash extraction enthusiasts around the world!

WackyBags 55 Gallon Bubble Bags Specifications:

  • Available in 7  Micron Sizes: 220um, 160um, 90um, 110um. 73um, 45um, 25um
  • Flat Width = 38.25
  • Diameter:  24.36″
  • Side Seam Length: 38″
  • Color: Pure white mesh bags with colored drawstrings.

Benefits of WackyBags 55 Gallon Bubble Bags:

  • 100% Compliant Nylon Material.  WackyBags bubble hash wash bags are designed for food safety, using the highest quality food grade all mesh nylon top to bottom.  (Zero canvas to peel or leach fibers or contaminates into your products.)
  • Willy’s super strong design is industrially stitched and meant for large capacity professional hash washing and product infusions.
  • WackyBags brand of all mesh bubble bags are sustainable and fully reusable. They will withstand 100’s of uses with proper care and sanitization.
  • The 100% Nylon material is suitable for sub-zero temperatures and heat up to 212F for decarboxylation and sanitation.
  • All Mesh WackyBags are designed for faster draining times. Unlike canvas bags with mesh only on the bottom, 100% all mesh nylon allows liquid to quickly seep through all sides, as well as the circular bottom of the bag.
  • The 55 Gallon WackyBags have thick color-coded drawstrings with Micron Labels.