Impact Drill Hash Press 19mm



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Wacky Willy’s 19mm Impact Drill hash press kit is specifically designed to produce tightly pressed  pucks of hash, pollen, hemp or cannabis.  With the assistance of your impact drill; dried bubble hash, dry sift, keif or herb can be pressed into perfectly sized and weighted pucks.

Diameter: 19 mm, .748” inch

The Impact Drill Press is a 100% stainless steel quality controlled method to produce a uniformly sized round puck wafer.


Like most of Willy’s unique designs, the Impact Drill Press is made to last a lifetime. It is engineered with medical grade 304L stainless steel, and is extremely durable, hygienic and dishwasher safe.  Wacky Willy cautions you to beware of  presses made of aluminum, as they are not food safe or dishwasher safe.

Don’t forget to imprint your pucks with a cool design.  Select a stamp from Wacky’s cool selection of 3D Inlay Stamps!

Wacky Willy’s Tips & Tricks:

 Impact Drill Press Method

What you will need:  Impact Drill & Socket, Vaseline to lube the shaft, Scale to weigh your product, Scoop for loading product and an Inlay 3D Design Stamp (optional).

  1. Prep and Weigh your product.
  2. Lube the threaded shaft with Vaseline and keep it lubed at all times.
  3. Take the end cap off and remove the spacer disk.
  4. Insert your product, 3D Inlay Stamp (optional), then the spacer disk.
  5. Screw on the end cap.
  6. Attach the Impact Drill to the end with the nut.
  7. Select your drills lowest setting to begin with.
  8. Hold on to the barrel and slowly allow the drill to do all the work.
  9. Once tightly pressed, put your drill in reverse and back it out to the end.
  10. Remove the end cap and slowly push out the spacer, then your puck with pop out.
  11. When your processing is complete, you can wash your press with hot soapy water or put it in the dishwasher.  Dry well and lube the threaded shaft for storage.

The 19mm Impact Drill Hash Press has many applications.  You can use this press to create perfectly portioned pucks of herbal supplements, tea, soup stock, spices and much more. Creating your own herbal supplements has never been so easy or so affordable.


Diameter: 19 mm, .748” inch

Material: 100% Stainless Steel