Reefer Ranger 420 – Pre Roll Cone Filling Machine

Reefer Ranger 420 – Pre Roll Cone Filling Machine

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Reefer Ranger 420 –  Vibrating Cone Filler  

Fills 420 – 1 Gram or 1/2 Gram Cones

New to the Wacky Family!   The Reefer Ranger 420 machine fills and packs 420 cones in just minutes! The vibration filling table includes a speed controller to vibrate your herbal product into cones without wasting your precious herb.

It will fill and neatly pack herb into your desired cone fill gram weight; either 1 gram or ½ gram cone plates are available with the 420 cone system.

**Extra plates are available to speed up your processing time and also fold over system for $800.00 per – please call for details or email us.



Maximize your yield with quality control. This convenient cone filling system is the ultimate tool for mass-cone filling.  Allowing professionals to deliver 420 cones precisely filled in less time, while ensuring that each cone meets and exceeds control standards.   Fast filling with no wasted product and no mess!   The Reefer Ranger system will help your business increase it’s competitive advantage by saving time and overhead.


Dimensions: 16×20″ square top, 14.5″ Tall

Includes: Vibration Table,one Cone Plate (420 cones), one  Top Plate, Speed Controller


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