Airtight Container Stainless Steel Decarboxylation

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You can fit about 1 ounce of product in this can 5″x 3″ – all food safe Stainless Steel D Carb Can!

Wacky Willy’s decarboxylation and storage containers have an extraordinary silicone seal or your fresh or processed bud or herbal botanical products!  It will keep contents fresh and safe.  100% Medical grade stainless steel can be kept clean and sanitary and prevent terpene loss. The container is totally oven safe, perfect for you to decarboxylate your botanical products, then store them all in the same container.



Because this product creates a total seal, darkness and is 100% due to the lock down latch system.  You can decarboxylate, safely add liquids to the container, then lock it down to age your product for long periods of time in the dark.

Designed specifically to be used in the oven at your desired temperature for 45 minutes.  When it is fully decarbed the flowers will darken slightly and be crumbly when handled.

Benefits of decarbed product: 
Full activation
Easy and simple to use
Get more out of every bud
Preserve the maximum amount of terpenes
Perfect edibles, anytime
Clean and low maintenance process
Ready to make edibles

What is decarboxilation? A question many ask and so few know the answer to. Well here at Wacky Willys we are going to put it to you strait. Its actually quite simple. The process of decarbing put simply is bringing your product to full activation through temperature (heat) and reducing the humidity or water content slowly at a controlled rate.

Ever wanted to just eat that bud or chew on that delicious looking nugget but just cant bring yourself to because of the knowledge that of course it wont do anything to you. Now you can put all that behind you can try some completely activated nuggets for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  That’s right, after decarbing you can ingest your product in any
way you desire. Put a bit of decarbed keif into a hot cup of hot chocolate or sprinkle a bit of decarbed bud into your pasta sauce and feel the full effects that you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are limitless. After decarbing even smoking your product will increase its effects remember you’re getting a fully activated product which means
you’ll be getting a more accurate and potent dosage. Decarboxylation maximizes cannabinoid availability for those preferring to smoke or vaporize, and activates available cannabinoids for edibles, extracts or tinctures.

Typical decarbing in the past has been done on a baking pan in the oven. unfortunately the turpine loss and potency reduction in this method honestly makes it not worth doing. With our sealed decarboxilatores you loose nothing and the end result is a perfect 100% activated product. Just pop it open and medicate at will anytime you want anyway you want.

Once you’ve decarbed your bud, the sky’s the limit with what you can do. If you are decarbing with a decarboxylator remember you’re getting a fully activated product which means you’ll be getting a more accurate and potent dosage. Decarboxylation is such an important yet misunderstood aspect of cannabis consumption. Decades of prohibition
have allowed incomplete, inaccurate, or just plain wrong information to proliferate, not only to the detriment of patients, but to the cannabis movement as a whole.