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Wacky Willys now supplies 2 horse power, 20 Gallon Oil-Free, Ultra Quiet

California Air  Compressors for Bubble Hash Extraction!

Willy has demonstrated and proven the natural organic efficiency of compressed air bubble hash agitation!  This remarkable breakthrough in solventless extraction was inspired during the design of his Rocket Tank Extractors and is now the driving force behind his newest systems. The Arctic Boomer’s ice-less sub-zero water bubble hash system and the Coco Boomer Icy Hot infusion system are both fueled by the magic of compressed air agitation.

The ultra quiet & oil-free compressor is engineered with the latest technology to provide high quality, longevity and reliability.  The oil-free system ensures no contaminants are introduced into your products, which is extremely important when making medicinal and food consumables.



Wacky Willys is a Canadian Distributor for California Air Tools Compressors and carry the full line of Compressors and accessories.  Call us if you would like to see the 110v up to 220v or sound-proof cabinet units.

California Air’s 20020 unit has Extra Large Dual Piston ‘Oil-Free’ Pump System and produces more air and more air quickly as compared to other air compressor manufactures that use a small single piston pump system.

This compact ultra quiet 110v compressor is recommended for  Air Agitating your bubble hash in the Arctic Boomer and RocketSpa systems. It provides a minimum of 60PSI continuous and is capable of running in 15-30 minute wash cycles, all day – everyday!


  • Ultra Quiet  –  Only 70  decibels
  • Oil-Free Pump – Clean air for organic extractions.
  • Less maintenance and Costs.
  • Two pressure control gauges
  • Two 1/4″ Industrial Female Quick Connectors
  • Easy Start Valve – For Less Starting Amperage
  • Pressure Switch
  • Thermal Overload Protector
  • 125 PSI  Maximum Pressure
  • 110v / 60 hz
  • Low Amp Draw – 14 Amps
  • Dedicated 15 amp outlet -14 gauge 25ft cord – Min. 5500 Watt Generator
  • Time to fill tank from empty to full –  4.00  Minutes
  • Recovery time from 95 PSI to 125 PSI -1.00  Minute
  • Duty Cycle – 70/30
  • Maximum continuous running 30-60 min. (Depending PSI & CFM)
  • Less heat which dissipates more efficiently
  • 20 Gal. Steel Air Tank
  • Wheel Kit (no flat) and (2) Air Filters
  • L (20″) x W/D (20″) x H (45″)
  • 114 lbs
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  •  Non-ASME Air Tank
  •  Manufactured in Mexico

How Air Agitation Works for Making Bubble Hash:

Injecting compressed air into a frigid water filled tank creates rapid agitation and water movement.  Bursting air bubbles generate energy that builds up water turbulence and creates waves.  The speed and velocity of the bubbling streams of bursting air bubbles combined with wave turbulence naturally move and mix floating plant material and maintains the suspension of the plant matter, without damaging the resinous glandular trichome heads and tails.

While the plant matter is softly bobbing around on the waves in the tank, that’s when the magic happens.  The exploding bubbles and tumbling motion gently disrupt and detach the glandular trichomes from the plant.  While the plant continues to float, the resinous heads and tails gently break off and fall the bottom of the tank.  With 100% natural air agitation, floating cannabis will literally ride the waves created by the bubbles and drop all their medicine rich glands!  It’s clean, gentle and effective.   With zero moving parts, the plants cellular structure will not be damaged or pulverized.

Benefits of Air Agitation:

  • Reduces Time and Physical Labour – totally hassle free!
  • Cost effective and highly efficient
  • Naturally extracts the full terpene potential from your Hemp and Cannabis
  • Keeps glandular heads and tails intact, therefore yields are superior quality with higher potency
  • Organic solventless processing without contaminants or chemicals
  • Food/Medical grade quality processing
  • Rapid water movement assists in keeping water temperatures low
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