20G Bubble Hash Washing Machine Bag – 220 Micron

20G Bubble Hash Washing Machine Bag – 220 Micron

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20 Gallon All Mesh – 220 Micron Washer Bag with Releasable Zap Strap Cable Ties

Don’t get caught with your Zipper down!  

Wacky is introducing a new all mesh bubble hash bag without a zipper that fits all washers and Micron is super affordable.  Perfect for  cold-water ice bubble hash extraction jobs, just add your trim and zap strap it up with a releasable cable tie! 



For best results, Wacky Willy recommends securing the top of the drawstring bag with his new releasable zap strap cable ties before agitation.  After you are done washing your trim, there is no need to cut the strap and risk damaging your bags, simply undue the zap straps and re-use them with your next batch.  Works better than the zipper bags by far and is much cheaper!  (Each bag comes with a free releasable Zap Strap Cable Tie.)

Wacky Bags are designed completely of all mesh mono-filament screen top to bottom.  These awesome washing machine bags are designed in 220 micron nylon mesh with triple stitched reinforced parachute seams.  Wacky Bags are super strong and will withstand extremely cold ice water temperatures and vigorous agitation.

All Mesh Wacky Bags produce optimum purity and maximum yield. Their incredible design allows the icy water to quickly seep through all sides which helps to evenly circulate the icy water around your product as it bubbles around in your machine.  All mesh bags drastically reduce the time it takes to agitate and ultimately drain which speeds up the entire extraction process.

You can relax knowing that Wacky’s Releasable Zip Zap Strap will keep your precious herbs safely inside the bag!

Cleaning Instructions: A onetime investment will provide years of effortless filtration.  Clean the mono-filament nylon bags with a small amount of dish soap in cold/warm water then hang it to dry. It will provide consistent filtration with repeated use.

Wacky Willy says if you have never used his completely all mesh Wacky Bags before, you are gonna love it! Remember, his all mesh design means super fast draining and easy clean up.

(Each bag comes with a free releasable Zip Zap Strap Cable Tie.)


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