Large Washing Machine Zipper Hash Bags


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Wacky Washing Machine Zipper Bag – Great for 20-30 Gallons of water

Large –  220 Micron Zipper Bag –  Fits all Washing Machines 

Wide side loading access for easy filling and cleaning! The new Craft Series washing machine zipper bags sport the latest technology in zippers.  Our industrial locking zippers are amazingly strong and will not slide open during agitation. They have also been designed to repel small particles away from the zipper.

WackyBags Zipper Bags are designed completely of all mesh mono-filament nylon.

Like all WackyBags, they will delight your QA team and receive a Vendor Qualification thumbs up for being made of FDA approved nylon mesh.  Our WackyBags material is test certified and meets FDA regulations FDA 21, CFR 177,1630.

Confidently add your fresh frozen or dried buds and trim to the bag, zip it up and get washing!


Willy’s large zipper bags can be used in any bubble hash washing system. They are built for the Craft and Commercial Industry and will withstand vigorous agitation in extremely cold water temperatures.

The cylinder shape and tightly stitched seams prevent biomass from building up in a corner or along the seams.  It is the tried and true WackyBags original best design and shape for bubble hash washing!

WackyBags all mesh design allows the icy water to quickly seep through all sides which helps to evenly circulate the icy water around your product as it bubbles around in your machine.  All mesh bags drastically reduce the time it takes to agitate and ultimately drain, which speeds up the entire extraction process.

Our nylon monofilament woven filtering mesh is made from continuous strands of Nylon Monofilament which is much stronger than multifilament media.

Tips from Wacky Willy:

Put your buds and trim in the bag and zip it up.
Use the two string ties to secure the zipper. Insert one tie through the eye of the zipper, pull it tight and make a knot with the second tie.
This secondary tie along with the no slide locking zipper system will ensure the bag stays closed during the agitation phase.
Drop your securely closed bag into the ice water mixture and agitate.

You can relax knowing that Willy’s Zipper Bags will keep your precious herbs safely inside the bag!

Cleaning Instructions:  A onetime investment will provide years of effortless filtration if you care for your gear!  Clean the mono-filament nylon bags with a small amount of dish soap in cold/warm water then hang it to dry. It will provide consistent filtration with repeated use.


Color: All White

Size: 15” high X 10.5″ diameter

Wacky Willy says if you have never used his completely all mesh Wacky Bags before, you are gonna love it!  Remember, his all mesh design means super fast draining and easy clean up.