Rocket Tank 7G – Bubble Hash Extraction Washing Machine

Rocket Tank 7G – Bubble Hash Extraction Washing Machine

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The Rocket Tank – 7 Gallon Stainless Steel Bubble Hash Machine

Wacky Willy designed this industrial 7 gallon Rocket Tank using 304 medical grade stainless steel.

Like no other, this tank system agitates botanical plants, bud and flower with the force of compressed air or CO2.  It is designed to successfully remove plant trichome heads from plant exteriors using ice and water or solvents. All surfaces that touch your product are 100% medical/food grade and the tank can be easily disassembled for professional cleaning.

The Rocket Tank is a high quality, sanitary extraction tank built to last.  It is easy to use, quick to clean, the extraction process is totally simple, and the ROI on your yield will be fantastic!

The Rocket Tank assembles with:  (Assembly instructions included)

  • Three 1.5” Tri-Clamp Fittings
  • 3 Silicone gaskets (food grade)
  • One 90-degree stainless steel angle racking pipe

The Rocket Tank is a free-standing unit that does not need to be clamped or held down. It has sturdy stainless steel legs with extremely strong welds.

The 2 industrial ball valve units (3/4in and 1/2in) are interchangeable and very easy to work with. They can be attached to the top or bottom opening.

If desired, the upper ball valve can be fitted with the racking pipe designed to swivel inside the tank. This allows the operator to aim the jet stream inside to better focus the agitation.

The Rocket Tank lid boasts a multi latch system, ensuring an extremely tight fit.

Capacity: Minimum 2 gallons up to 7 gallons.

Dimensions: 34″ H x 14″ W

The Rocket Tank includes several Wacky Bonuses!

  • 7 bag, 5 gallon all mesh filtration system including: 190,160,110, 90,73,45 and a 25 microns
  • 2 pressing screens
  • 1 small 220 micron agitation zipper bags



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Rocket Tank

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Rocket Tank

Rocket Tank


Rocket Tank


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