Natural Bristle Dry Sift Brush

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Dry Sift Brush – All Natural Boar Hair

The perfect accessory for Dry Sifting or Dry Ice extraction. The soft brush bristles will move keif caught in corners of sift boxes or dry sift screens or from your filter bags. 

Wacky Willy’s Dry Sift Brush is awesome for collecting crystals after an extraction.  Whether you are cleaning dust and debris from your dry sift screens or work surface prior to your extraction or cleaning the resin from the corners of your screens or collecting the resin extracted, a Dry Sift brush is a great tool.


When gently used, it will not damage glandular heads as you move your keif to your desired location. The Natural Boar hair Bristles are the perfect all natural Bristles for Dry Sifting. The small bristles will fit into the smallest corners and the large head of bristles are perfect for working with large spaces. Boar Hair provide a firmer bristle than synthetic hair brushes.


All Natural Boar Hair

Size:  4″ X 1.5 Inch diameter bristle head

Cleaning Boar Bristle Brushes:
Soak in Cold water for 10 minutes. Move brush around in water to dislodge any particulates.  Dry on lint free Towel.

Wacky Tip: Catch some bonus goodies!  Filter the rinse water through a 25 Micron bag to collect any glands that may be floating in the water.