Impact Hash Press 30mm

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    T Bar Pollen Press  Jumbo - 30mm Wacky’s Jumbo Pollen Press will turn your bubble hash tichomes into perfectly shaped easy to store pucks.  The stainless steel T-bar is able to withstand the repetitive heating and cranking as you press your keif into a solid puck or cylinder.  This Pollen Press is designed with 100% 304 Stainless Steel cylinder, caps gear and handle. The plug and spacer are constructed from aluminum.  
  • Tincture Press Filter Screen - SINGLE 160 micron stainless steel filter screen insert (or replacement screen) for the 30mm slotted end cap. Boomers 30mm T-Bar Pollen Press can also be used as a Tincture Press by adding a slotted end cap and a stainless steel filter screen. Adding the filter screen to your end cap will keep more of the herbs out of your tincture giving it a better clarity and smoother texture. Create  awesome extracts, herbal tinctures and Green Dragon at home without large expensive equipment.  No need to spend thousands on a large bulky tincture press that is designed for multiple liters and can only be used as a tincture press, when the 30mm T-Bar Press can be easily converted from a pollen press to a tincture press for under $20.
  • Silicon Non-Slip Grip for  E-Bar Keif Pollen Press Protective Silicone Sleeve – Single Wacky Willy custom designed the silicon grip for the keif pollen press and BHO extractor series of products to keep your hands from slipping  and protect your hands from the cold.  The Silicon Sleeve allows you to get a good solid grip on the shaft.  Adding a silicone sleeve to your  extractors will provide a non-slip grip, making handling your press easier.
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    Hammer Punch Plastic Tablet Ejectors

    Wacky Willy’s plastic hash, pollen and keif tablet ejector is a nifty gadget that is super handy during your pressing process.  No more worrying about stuck sticky tablets. Wacky’s tablet ejectors will assist you with easily popping out a totally intact tablet of your precious product every time. Tablet ejectors fit perfectly on the bottom of all Wacky’s Short and long Hammer Presses. Available in all 3 sizes:  19mm, 23mm, 30mm. Wacky Willy’s Tip:  Simply stand your press up in the ejector. Give it gentle push and watch the tablet fall right out down through the ejector.  
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    Introducing the Wacky Willy's 3D Inlay Stamps 19mm: Unleash your creativity and elevate your resin and craft projects with the Wacky Willy's 3D Inlay Stamps 30mm. These innovative stamps are designed to add stunning 3D designs and intricate patterns to your  projects. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our 3D Inlay Stamps offer a wide variety of unique designs to choose from. From intricate mandalas to captivating geometrical shapes, these stamps allow you to create eye-catching and professional-looking inlay patterns effortlessly. Made from high-quality materials, these stamps ensure durability and longevity, ensuring they can be used repeatedly for countless projects. Easy to use, simply press the stamp into your press to create raised, textured designs that stand out. The precise details and clean lines achieved with these stamps will impress even the most discerning artists and crafters. Experience the joy of creating intricate 3D designs with ease. Order your Wacky Willy's 3D Inlay Stamps 19mm today and let your creativity shine! Wacky Willy’s double-sided 3D embossed stamp dies are made from hardened steel built to withstand pressure, heat and constant use.  The embossed design will leave a 3D imprint on your hash pucks and wafers. Now available in 25 unique designs.    The micron size indicator or strain indicator stamps will help you keep organized.  Pair one of these stamps with a personalized creative design and make double sided pucks that are both functional and unique.
  • 30mm Pollen Keif Vise Hammer Press - New Wacky Willy’s 100% stainless steel 30mm hammer press, keif maker hammer punch herb press kit is designed to press your keif, bubble hash, dry sift and other plant botanicals into perfectly sized pucks.  It can be used with your hydraulic rosin press or manually with a few strokes of a hammer. No cranking required with this awesome Wacky Hammer Press!
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    Wacky Willy’s Impact Drill hash press kit is specifically designed to produce tightly pressed  pucks of hash, pollen, hemp or cannabis.  With the assistance of your impact drill; dried bubble hash, dry sift, keif or herb can be pressed into perfectly sized and weighted pucks. Diameter: 30 mm, 1.18” inch The Impact Drill Press is a 100% stainless steel quality controlled method to produce a uniformly sized round puck wafer.
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    Boomers Pollen Press 30mm This King Size T-Bar Pollen Press is 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel. No Aluminum Parts!  This Boomers Pollen Press is designed with 100% 304L Stainless Steel and will press your bubble hash tichomes into perfectly shaped, easy to store pucks or long cylinders.  Built with a solid steel T-bar able to withstand the repetitive heating and cranking as you press your keif into a solid wafer or cylinder. Wacky Willy’s Pollen Press combines quality with affordability, and is made to last a lifetime.   Beware of cheap aluminum presses that break and leave aluminum shavings in your hash.  
  • Tincture Press – 100% 304L Stainless Steel 30mm Press with Tincture Accessories Wacky Willy designed this awesome Tincture Press from 100% 304L medical/food grade stainless steel with custom 30mm accessories. The set includes the 30mm press, a slotted end cap, a 30mm stainless steel filter screen (160 microns) and a 5” x 5” monofilament 25 micron filter screen. Wacky’s Tincture Press is extremely robust.  It has no aluminum parts, is dishwasher safe and heat resistant. The top and bottom caps have diamond cut detail to provide a superior grip.  Each component has been machined to fit together with 1.10th mm clearance.  Better threading means increased strength and durability. The cylinder wall has been reinforced (3.3mm thick) to withstand extreme pressure during your pressing process. Herbal Tinctures are commonly made from soaking decarboxylated plant botanicals in a high proof alcohol (such as Everclear) to extract and preserve the properties from the plant.  Extracting all the liquid from your soaked product is easy with Wacky Willy's handheld tincture press. Wacky Willy’s Tips:  Soak your decarboxylated herbal product in alcohol for 2-6 weeks in the freezer and shake it gently once a day. Transfer into the Tincture Press to extract the liquid. Tinctures can be stored in a sealed container, in the freezer for years. Specifications: Height: 6.2” / 157mm Diameter Base: 1.5” / 3.8cm Diameter Inside: 1.18” / 30mm Capacity: 5oz / 150ml Tincture Kit Includes: 100% Food Grade Stainless Steel Press Slotted Tincture End Cap Stainless Steel Tincture Filter Screen 160 Microns 5x5 Essential Oil Screen 25 Microns


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