Vibration Sifting Machines

  • VibroSpa Wet & Dry - Circular Vibrational Screen Sieve Sifting Willy's VibroSpa is a vibrating multi or single screen system used for wet slurry and/or dry trichome sifting and filtration.  Screen diameter size dimensions are available from 18" up to 60".  This fully stainless steel wet or dry system's multi configuration potential allows extractors and product creators to process Cannabis, Hemp and botanicals in numerous ways, with just one machine. Producers can easily configure the system with 1 screen or multiple screens for:
    • Bubble hash collection screens,
    • Dry sifting buds and trim,
    • Sifting freeze dried hash,
    • Classify dry milled flower/trim for pre-rolls,
    • Bud sorting.
    With the VibroSpa, iceless bubble hash or ice water hash can be washed and processed without the use of WackyBags bubble bags. After your biomass has been washed in a 220 micron bag or in a free flow washing system; such as the Arctic Boomer, RocketSpa or other sub-zero vessel, simply feed off your trichome rich water slurry into the VibroSpa collection screen tray system. Available Diameter Sizes:  18", 24", 30", 48", 60" Screen Decks: Single Deck or Multiple Decks Prices Range From: $5,995.00 to $16,000 USD Call or Email for a consultation and we will quote the best price for your lab specifications & requirements.  778-426-3335 or
  • This unit can be used in so many different ways - 

    • Vibrating chocolate
    • Pre-roll classifier
    • Dry Sifting
    • Freeze dryer hash sifter
    • Keif moon rocket joints 

    Kit Includes:

    • Heavy duty aluminum vibration frame with 4 suction cup feet
    • Locking frame system
    • 4Pc 12x24 Screens in Micron Sizes: 250, 165, 149, 75
    • Variable Frequency Speed Controller
    • 110 Volt Stainless Steel Vibrator
  • Big Buzz System Includes:

    • Vibration Table Unit
    • 1 Chocolate Template
    • Variable Frequency Controller
    • Capacity: 1/2 pound - 1 pound per batch
    • 110 Volt
    • Unit Weight - 100 Pounds
    • MADE in the USA
    • Heavy Duty Stand - Optional 
    • Additional Screens - Optional
    • Shipping is not included for Boomers Commercial Gear
    Operating Notes:  The powerful vibration unit must be operated on a 100% level, solid surface to reach maximum vibration calibration levels.
  • Announcing Wacky Willy's trail blazing breakthrough in dry sift extraction! 

    The Big Buzz dry sift vibration table is a powerful 25" x 36" 4 screen vibratory system,  that drastically reduces dry sift processing time from hours to minutes!  Traditionally, dry sift processing has been done entirely by hand carding plant material across screens.  This time and labour intensive process has unfortunately made the commercial production of hash cost prohibitive for many mid-size extractors. The good news is that the Big Buzz dry sift table system offers not only time savings, but it also produces consistent yield results and maintains quality control of the end product.  Variable vibration settings can be set, controlled and easily replicated for every batch.  The 4 screen system, offers three end product grades.  You can use 1 screen or all 4 or add a few more if you choose.
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