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  • VibroSpa Wet & Dry - Circular Vibrational Screen Sieve Sifting Willy's VibroSpa is a vibrating multi or single screen system used for wet slurry and/or dry trichome sifting and filtration.  Screen diameter size dimensions are available from 18" up to 60".  This fully stainless steel wet or dry system's multi configuration potential allows extractors and product creators to process Cannabis, Hemp and botanicals in numerous ways, with just one machine. Producers can easily configure the system with 1 screen or multiple screens for:
    • Bubble hash collection screens,
    • Dry sifting buds and trim,
    • Sifting freeze dried hash,
    • Classify dry milled flower/trim for pre-rolls,
    • Bud sorting.
    With the VibroSpa, iceless bubble hash or ice water hash can be washed and processed without the use of WackyBags bubble bags. After your biomass has been washed in a 220 micron bag or in a free flow washing system; such as the Arctic Boomer, RocketSpa or other sub-zero vessel, simply feed off your trichome rich water slurry into the VibroSpa collection screen tray system. Available Diameter Sizes:  18", 24", 30", 48", 60" Screen Decks: Single Deck or Multiple Decks Prices Range From: $5,995.00 to $16,000 USD Call or Email for a consultation and we will quote the best price for your lab specifications & requirements.  778-426-3335 or
  • 2.5 ML Glass Essential Oil Vials – 144 PC Glass Vials
    Capacity = 2.5ml, 2.5 grams Wacky’s vials are good for storing your precious CBD, terpenes, pollen, essential oils, hash, kief and other herbal medicines.  The size of these glass vials are 15 x 27 mm and they come with a screw tight cap lid to keep your hash oil safe and fresh!
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    WackyBags All Mesh 55 Gallon Bubble Bags 

    WackyBags All Mesh 55 gallon bubble bags are used for washing and filtering bubble hash in commercial extraction labs.   Willy's own Canadian design is specifically made of FDA approved nylon for filtering bubble hash and herbal extracts. The full product line of WackyBags comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and will pass commercial Food Safety Regulation Testing. WackyBags are made of 100% FDA approved Nylon material and comply with Licensed Producer Vendor Qualification requirements. Wacky Willys would be honored to provide your company with a completed Vendor Qualification Form and a Testing Verification Letter of Guarantee. 
  • Commercial Weed Grinder

    Do you have tons of pre rolls to make? Then this grinder is for you ! Easy and fast blade removal for cleaning! Wacky Willy's Wacky Tobacky Shredder is the perfect Micro Craft Size production set up for small to medium commercial weed grinding jobs.   It quickly shreds 1 ounce (28 grams) of dry material in every load. Extremely efficient for a processing small to medium orders of blunts and pre-rolls, extractions and edibles. Drop in dry buds or trim, pull down the safety lid and watch it instantly shred into the stainless steel output bowl. That's it, you’re done. It’s just that easy to use!    
  • The Wacky Tobacky 2.0 machine quickly shreds half a pound or 224 grams of material in every load. Allowing you to process a pound of material in just a few short minutes! Wacky Willy's newest 2.0 shredding model will tackle larger weed grinding jobs so you can get filling your cones or processing your products fast. This 'built to last' fully stainless steel food-grade shredder includes stainless steel blades and a safety guard. This unit will easily pass your health and safety QA compliance requirements, and you will appreciate the quality, time savings, and consistent uniform processing output.
  • ArcticPlunge Pressure Agitator - Automatic

    Willys breakthrough ArcticPlunge Bubble Hash Agitator for bubble hash washing utilizes compressed air for its pressure mixing motion.  Simply attach the ArcticPlunge Bubble Hash Agitator cylinder and disc to your vessel via the lid system provided, then connect the compressed air hoses to your wall mounted controller box.  Set the desired agitation time and let it gentle mix your biomass. This system comes with a convenient wall mounted controller box with a programmable automatic timer for custom speed time settings. The automatic timer system allows you to set repeatable speeds in seconds or minutes for the desired up and down agitation throughout your wash cycle. During the agitation wash cycle, the ArcticPlunge stainless steel perforated disc applies pressure to the ice, water and biomass; pushing down and sucking up your material in a  up and down motion inside your vessel.  The gentle wave of water action created by the agitator disc will not tear your WackyBags, damage or shred your plant material. Imagine the luxury of not having to hand paddle, whip or drill mix to agitate your bubble hash! With the automatic ArcticPlunge system just set your desired speed/time for total hands free agitation.  
  • The ArcticPlunge system has been proudly designed by Willy!  The 55 Gallon Stainless Steel Barrel Agitation System is built for simple, clean and affordable bubble hash washing without hand mixing or mechanical drills.  It achieves total trichome separation without damaging your resin filled glandular heads.
    • The ArcticPlunge uses a pressure and release method to gently push your material down beneath the water and ice, then quickly releases it back up to the top.   The plant biomass floats, so upon release it pops back up to the top of the vessel aided by the suction created by the disc wave of agitation.
    • Say goodbye to those drills and propeller driven devices with this affordable effective system and stop shredding your beautiful buds and trim.
    • Unit can be operated with a 5 bag WackyBag set up, or one 220 workbag or without any bags- free flow.
    • Check out the video below to see it in action.
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    RAW – Joint Thumper 100 Cone Filling Machine V-3

    Original price was: $3,399.00.Current price is: $3,299.00.
    V-3 Thumper 100 Cone Filler Packs 100 RAW Cones In Minutes  The RAW Thumper 100 v3 uses sound waves and taps the vibrating cones as they fill up with plant material.  This unit saves you time and money on labor, it's almost like having your own robot doing all the work for you. 

    Willy Says, "Why spend thousands more for pretty much the same machine? Let Raw Rock On !!".

      The Thumper 100 V3 cone filling machine uses 3 Different RAW Brand Sizes:
    • Classic or Organic 1 1/4 = .75 gram
    • 98 Special = 1 gram
    • Classic or Organic King = 1.25 gram
    Keep in mind - You can add extra plates in different sizes from 0.25 grams to .50 grams. Your investment in a RAW Thumper 100 is fully backed by Willy!  We supply original replacement parts if needed, just give us a call. 
  • The RocketSpa is a vibrating air agitated ice & water bubble hash washing vessel. Willy has designed this new system for Craft Extractors who are seeking 'high quality' trichome yields. The RocketSpa system adds two new elements to the traditional ice and water bubble hash processing method.  The force of air agitation for gentle mixing and vibration for full trichome separation, as well as faster draining, making it possible to fully separate and yield intact trichomes down to 25 microns if desired. Air Agitate, Vibrate and Drain your bubble hash all in one stainless steel vessel!  No need for additional containment barrels, as your Wacky Bags collection bags are already inside the RocketSpa.

    Proudly Designed in Canada and Made in the USA!

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